IMPORTANT NOTICE: we are currently fulfilling orders within the UK only

environmental policy

we love our art, and setting up this shop has been long in the dreaming. 

we decided on a print-on-demand platform as we feel it allows for us to make our products available on a start-up scale, whilst making sure there is no unnecessary footprint and waste that comes with warehousing and stock management. 

the items you order literally do not exist until they are made especially for you. 

we chose our partners based on their ethical credentials in terms of how they operate, where they operate, how they ensure credible sourcing of the materials they use, and how efficient they manage their printing and shipping organisation.

especially for the printing in terms of paper and ink use we chose a partner focused on sustainability and friendly inks.

materials we work with are recycled, cotton, organic cotton, or a mixture of these and recycled man-made materials. 

partners we work with ensure that who they in turn work with to obtain materials and items do so ethically and sustainably.