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BREAKBEAT baseball hoodie

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this is a perfect addition to any autumn / winter wardrobe; with a lovely heavy feel to it, this hoodie warms you up within moments of having put it on! you will become a walking warm water bottle.

the original artwork BREAKBEAT DANCERS is an oil monoprint. 

the details

  • contrasting hood and raglan sleeves
  • kangaroo pouch with small opening for headphone cables
  • hidden headphone loops on the collar
  • heavier fabric with soft lining
  • 80% cotton / 20% polyester
Unisex Baseball Hoodie | AWDis
S 680 mm 510 mm 795 mm
M 710 mm 560 mm 805 mm
L 740 mm 610 mm 820 mm
XL 770 mm 650 mm 835 mm
XXL 800 mm 690 mm 850 mm