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short-sleeved top for babies and toddlers; and just when you thought 'they are so hard to get over the head!' - these t-shirts come with snap fasteners (made from nickel-free material) on the left shoulder. something to make getting-dressed-time a little easier! if your experiences are anything like mine, you'll take what you can get.... the original artwork CICELY is watercolour and wax. the details 100% lovely soft cotton there are six funky beasts in total - you can collect them all (you're welcome)

Baby T-Shirt | BabyBugz
normal fit
3-6 Months 290 mm 250 mm
6-12 Months 320 mm 270 mm
12-18 Months 350 mm 290 mm
18-24 Months 380 mm 310 mm