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FEATHER hoodie dress

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it's a hoodie! it's a dress! it's a hoodie dress. this will excite those of you who adore either, because this is both. 

original artwork FEATHER is a relief print from a locally foraged feather.

the details

  • straight, non-tapered fit
  • extra broad ribbed cuffs and seams
  • kangaroo pouch with an opening for headphone cables and hidden headphone loops at the neckline
  • lovely soft fabric 80% cotton / 20% polyester mix so it keeps its shape beautifully
Hoodie Dress | AWDis Just Hoods

S 770 mm 460 mm 640 mm
M 790 mm 490 mm 650 mm
L 810 mm 520 mm 660 mm
XL 830 mm 550 mm 670 mm